ellagic acid | c14h6o8 - pubchem

Ellagic acid | C14H6O8 - PubChem

/EXPL THER/ Ellagic acid seems to have some anti-cancer properties. It can act as an antioxidant, and has been found to cause apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells in the lab. In other lab studies, ellagic acid seems to reduce the effect of estrogen in promoting growth of breast cancer cells in tissue cultures.

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the top 100 foods high in polyphenols | nutrition advance

The Top 100 Foods High In Polyphenols | Nutrition Advance

4. Cocoa Powder (3.448 mg per 100g) Although it isn’t higher in absolute polyphenols, the larger typical serving size of cocoa makes it the biggest dietary source so far. Cocoa contains a whole host of polyphenolic compounds which include flavonoid, phenolic acid, and other groups .

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orlistat - wikipedia

Orlistat - Wikipedia

Orlistat is a drug designed to treat obesity.It is marketed as a prescription drug under the trade name Xenical by Roche in most countries, and is sold over-the-counter as Alli by GlaxoSmithKline in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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hibiscus sabdariffa l. – a phytochemical and pharmacological

Hibiscus sabdariffa L. – A phytochemical and pharmacological

5.3.2. Hibiscus acid is the lactone form of (+)-allo-hydroxycitric acidIt compromises a citric acid moiety with an additional hydroxyl group at the second carbon and has two diastereomers due to the existence of two chiral centers in the molecule (Boll et al., 1969, Eggensperger and Wilker, 1996, Griebel and Lebensm, 1939, Griebel and Lebensm, 1942).

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fentanyl - wikipedia

Fentanyl - Wikipedia

Using formaldehyde and sulfuric acid, the solution will turn purple when introduced to opium drugs. Blood or plasma fentanyl concentrations are expected to be in a range of 0.3–3.0 μg/L in persons using the medication therapeutically, 1–10 μg/L in intoxicated people, and 3–300 μg/L in victims of acute overdosage. [82]

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antidiabetic potential of medicinal plants and their active

Antidiabetic Potential of Medicinal Plants and Their Active

Ellagic acid: in fruits (pomegranates, persimmon, raspberries, black raspberries, strawberries, peach, plums), nuts (walnuts, almonds), vegetables, wine: by the action on β cells of the pancreas that stimulates insulin secretion and decreases glucose intolerance; possesses superior antioxidant properties and genotoxicitypreventive;

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